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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bug Buddies Crochet Finger Puppets

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve crocheted anything . . . I had my etsy shop closed for quite a few weeks while we moved and worked on our new house, and heaven knows I don’t crochet for myself often, so it was nice to get some crochet motivation in the form of an invite to try out Lion Brand Yarn’s new line, Bonbons: sets of adorable little mini-skeins of sport weight yarn. I think I literally “awwwww!”ed when I opened the box and saw the cute little skeins. (Why is everything cute when it’s mini-sized? Bonbons are freaking adorable, before you even make anything.)

I haven’t worked much with sport weight yarns before, but I loved the colors and feel of the Bonbons. I wanted to make something bright and happy and fun, so I came up with these little bug buddies for a certain little 2-year old I know who is currently obsessed with finger puppets (although his Grumplestiltskin pictures as the end of this post would lead you to believe otherwise):


Aren’t they cute?! I hadn’t originally planned on making them bugs, actually, but after embroidering their faces, it seemed pretty obvious that they needed antennae, too. So bugs they are, I guess.


If you want to make some bug buddies finger puppets, feel free to use the pattern I came up with below.


Bug Buddies Finger Puppets

(This pattern will make small, kid-sized finger puppets. For larger, adult size finger puppets, move up a hook size and/or start with 10-12 stitches and continue as follows.)

Use sport weight yarn and an E hook.

Create a magic circle, sc 8 into circle. Don’t join rounds, just work in a continuous circle.

Row 1: Sc around (8)

Row 2: 2sc in 1st st, sc 3, 2sc in next st, sc 3 (10)

Rows 3-5: Sc around (10)

Rows 6-13: (switch colors now if you want to make a striped body) Sc around, switching colors at the start of each new row. Don’t cut the previous color, just continue crocheting and pick it up again when you switch.

Continue until desired length is reached. 13 rows was plenty for my 2-year old’s fingers. 

Sl st to next st and fasten off, weave in ends.

Use black yarn/thread to embroider eyes (I made French knots for the eyes) and antennae, and red/pink for a mouth.

Hope you enjoy! I tried to get pictures of Forrest playing with his new finger puppets and he obliged with his usual level of enthusiasm:



Such a happy little ray of sunshine. Oh well.

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