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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Five Favorites and my Mother's Day gift to you

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was an English major at BYU . . . of all the things I learned and picked up in my classes, I think the most valuable was discovering Billy Collins, a former US poet laureate and, honestly, the only poet I'm really crazy about. I know, you probably hate poetry, right? (Except for maybe Shel Silverstein.) I feel like an English degree should have instilled in me some deep, passionate love for poetry, but it didn't. In general, I really don't love poetry, but I do love Billy Collins, and I hope you'll give him a chance and not just click away to the next item in your blog reading list! His poetry is hilarious and fun to read while still being meaningful and thought-provoking . . . kind of a rare combination, I think.

So here is my Mother's Day gift to you--one of my favorite poems, The Lanyard, by Billy Collins, a very appropriate Mother's Day tribute.

Did you love it?! Show it to your mom tomorrow--she'll think you're amazing (although she probably already does).
On to my favorites for this week! (I'm doing four, and counting Billy Collins as my #1 fave.)

{Before I get to them, I wanted to ask--do you guys like these five favorites posts? I see so many amazing projects each week and want to show them some love, but do you like reading these posts or do you just skip on by? Let me know what you think!}

Here we go!

You know I love a good knockoff, and this mug is fantastic! Even though the original is only $8, that still seems a bit silly for a mug, don't you think? I love Maggie's version--it's so cheerful and fun.

Jaime at That's My Letter couldn't find a console skinny enough for her hallway, so she built one herself, including the wire baskets! I love the rough, distressed look, and the baskets are the perfect finishing touch.

 Are you following the competition at So You Think You're Crafty? Jill from Made it on Monday won last week's round with this beautiful Anthropologie-inspired dress she made using a men's dress shirt, ladies' blouse, and a jumper. It's incredible and that's that. She had my vote that week!

 I've seen quite a few spring wreaths here and there in blogland, but this one is definitely my favorite. Andrea created those flowers with scrapbook paper, and I love how it came out!

There you have it, my favorite projects this week! Ladies, grab yourselves a feature button if you'd like: 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and Mother's Day!

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